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Une résidente de L'Île-des-Soeurs a établi un beau lien avec la marina de Verdun

et on lui sert un vandalisme que personne ne semble vouloir contrôler

Verdun Marina business threatened by punks

By P.A. Sévigny for The Suburban June 2010

Following a number of incidents, including graffiti, a wrecked tool shed, stolen equipment and random vandalism, a Verdun businesswoman said the city should think about hiring a guard to protect assorted business interests near the borough’s shoreline marina.

“I can’t understand why the city can’t do anything about this problem,” said Verdun entrepreneur Beatriz Stanevitch. “The police should be doing something about these kids.”

As the owner-operator of her three-year-old ferry business, Stanevitch said her service was doing well except for the sustained vandalism which has affected the entire marina. After describing what a “bunch of kids” recently did to her boat and her tool shed, Stanevitch told The Suburban she had no choice but to have the boat tied up on the Nuns’ Island dock because there was no way to protect the boat from further mayhem along the Verdun shoreline.

“The city should have a man guard the waterfront,” said ferry boat operator Michel Lambert. “These kids are nothing but trouble and now they’re beginning to harass people who come down to the marina.”

Up to now, Lambert said it’s nothing more than a lot of “trash talk,” but he also said it’s the rude and obnoxious behavior which is beginning to scare away clients. While both Stanevitch and Lambert describe the local punks as a real problem, Stanevitch said she has no intentions of putting an end to her small business. At three dollars per ride, many island residents prefer to use the ferry service in order to do their weekly shopping along the mainland’s Wellington Street shops. With a new golf course scheduled to be opened next month, Stanevitch believes the ferry service will soon become an invaluable borough asset which is why she hopes borough authorities will do more to preserve, protect and encourage business interests along the borough’s waterfront.

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