Steering committee

To face the challenge of global climate change
We need a Plan
Certain essential elements must be put in place:
Leadership is going to be necessary, the media has to get involved, etc.
We are a collective, not to set up anything
But to make sure that for each essential aspect, an organization gets involved
Yes, several organizations are at work, but general mobilization is needed
We need synergy, we must stop working apart
It is necessary to inform and raise awareness as much as during the Covid
It's not enough to do a lot, you have to let people know


Goals :

Identify leaders, perhaps the UNEP

Suggest a media watch
Media will be the sinews of war

Develop a central web site

The IPCC could found an institute

Create awareness and coordination

Push some local files
Leaf blowers

Suggest tracks
Solution by cities

Encourage mobilization and synergy

Plan a financing strategy

We are not going to deal with the equally important issue of social justice
although we will study a possible reform of the market economy

State of play

Join : 514-609-9616

Serge Bellemare - Michel Champagne